Fliggleville needed a HERO...

Life was beautiful in Fliggleville until the day THE CLOUD appeared. Music filled the air and all of the Fliggles were out playing and loving the nice melodies. Suddenly, they noticed The Cloud was no ordinary cloud. This cloud was different and DANGEROUS!

All Fliggles scattered and hid wherever they could. They watched in HORROR as all of Fliggleville's music was sucked away, note by note, into THE CAVE. When the cloud left, the Fliggles experienced the most terrible sound ever -- SILENCE!

The Fliggles were sad because happiness was GONE. Fliggleville was not the same without music, and something had to be done to SAVE the town.

Hello, I am a Fliggle, and I am responsible for saving Fliggleville! I am ready to enter The Cave and bring MUSIC and happiness back to Fliggleville! Are you ready to help me? "Here we goooooooo."